Norcros Rapid Porcelain Tile Adhesive Grey 20Kg

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  • Norcros Rapid Porcelain Flexible Tile Adhesive is a grey cement-based thin bed adhesive designed for fixing fully vitrified porcelain ceramic and stone* tiles to a variety of building surfaces.
  • Water and weather-resistant for both internal and external use.
  • It has a setting time of 3 hours at 20°C permitting early trafficking of the tiled installation.
  • Containing unique Rock-TiteTM polymeric binders, the enhanced flexibility of the adhesive allowing a greater range of fixing possibilities normally only achieved by the addition of separate admixtures.
  • The adhesive has excellent thermal ageing properties and is particularly suitable for heated floors and prepared plywood sheets.
  • Average consumption: 4 - 5m² per bag

*When fixing light coloured stone use a white adhesive such as Norcros Rapid Porcelain & Stone White to avoid staining.

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Weight 20.000000
VenOne Dor Number V00180
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Suitable with UnderFloor Heating No
Product Number (SKU) SX20KGADOPGYM01